2014 – Sfr   50000 – Fondazione Mantegazza Lugano. Preoperative simulation
of pericoxal osteotomies

1996 – Sfr. 5000 – AO/ASIF-Grant:  Cadaver Studies about the Efficiency of Calcaneus Lengthening Ostetomies

1995 – ASG (Austria-Switzerland-Germany) Travelling Fellowship within the UK and the USA

1994 – Sfr.  80000 – AO/ASIF-Grant: In Vivo Investigations about the Staged Treatment of Large Bone Defects

1994 – Sfr.138000 – National Grant for Scientific Research

1992 – Sfr. 2323 – AO/ASIF-Grant: Assessment of the Mobility of the Tarso- Metatarsal Joint, especially in the Sagittal Plane

1988 – Sfr. 54000 – Neuenschwander Fonds (Bern): Fellowship in Foot&Ankle Surgery

1988 – Sfr. 12000 – AO/ASIF-Grant: Fellowship in Foot&Ankle Surgery



1. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Unfallchirurgie, Korrespondierendes Mitglied, Berlin 20.10.2009;

2. Certificate of Merit of the technical commisison AO-ASIF 2006;

3. AO Alumni Association, capitulo Chileno, Santiago Chile, Honorary Member octubre 2003;

4. Associacion AO Alumni de Venezuela, Honorary Member, Caracas, mayo 2001;

5. Swedish Foot and Ankle Society, Honorary Member, Stockholm, April 1997;

6. AOA (American Orthopaedic Association) International Travelling Fellow 1995;

7. Founding member of the Spinoza Society (USA) for excellence in clinical assessment and surgical technique in Foot and Ankle Surgery (1994);

8. Premio “Prof.L.Fornaca di Sessant” 1992 Torino, Italia (Chirurgia del piede);

9. Recognition Prize of the Technical Commission of the AO-ASIF Foundation 1991 for developing the low-contact-dynamic-compression plate LC-DCP

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