Fields of basic and clinical research

Software development:

CT/MR – Method of catching data of surfaces e.g. subchondral bone for pre-operative simulation of correcting osteotomies.

Program “Reoplan” da Algo4u (Thelen/Krause/Klaue):

Anca Algo4you

Ost.pel2 en


Development of a Universal Internal Fixation Plate:

development of Osteosynthetic Fixation Plates and Screws:


Bone formation and regeneration:

Ric.Klaue2 mk


Development of improved in Foot and Ankle Reconstruction techniques.

Development of specific implants and instruments to be used in Foot and Ankle surgery:

Nail for internal fixation of the hindfoot (tibio-calcaneal arthrodesis). It is essential to fix the hindfoot in anatomical alignment and under stable conditions to achieve secure bone healing. The bones of the hindfoot are aligned on a circular arc.




First or only author, all swiss (priority (pri) and US applications (US-publication dates listed (pub).

(pri = priority CH (first application))
(pub = published USA)

1. Fussnagel III
pri: 09.10.2019  (CH) (CH 01290/19)

2. Vorrichtung zum Einbringen eines gebogenen Nagels in einen Knochen
Pri: 18.05.2009 (CH) CH 007772009 classification A61B

3. Knochennagel für die Ferse
Pri: 27.12.2007 (CH)

4. Vorrichtung zur temporären Schienung von Zehen
pri: 13.05.2005 (CH) No: 00848/05 classification: A61B

5. Vorrichtung zur temporären Schienung von Zehen
pri: 10.04.2003, PCT (world) pending

6. Symmetrical Bone Plate (further development of (6) and (9))
pri: 04.09.97, PCT (world) pub: 11.03.99, USA 05.12. 2001

7. Osteosynthetic Bone plate and lock washer
USA pub: 12.02.97

8. Lock washer for bone plate osteosynthesis
USA pub: 27.05.97

9. Strain washer for plate osteosynthesis (further development of the LC-DCP (6))
pri: 25.01.93, pub. (Euro. Pat.) 27.05.98, PCT(world) pub: 04.08.94

10. Shaft prosthesis fixation with variable interface (continuous adaptation to endosteal remodelling of bone)
pri: 07.12.89, USA: pending, PCT(world) pub: 27.06.91

11. Self locking shaft prosthesis for hemi- or total arthroplasties
pri: 05.07.89, USA: examination going on, PCT(world) pub: 25.01.90

12. LC-DCP (low contact compression plate)
pri: 2.12.87, pub: 26.03.91

13. Osteosynthetic plate with trapezoidal cross section
pri: 30.08.85, pub: 13.06.89

14. Self locking (self interlocking) medullary nail
pri: 14.05.84, pub: 10.11.87

15. Universal drill guide for compression plates (DCU)
pri: 29.11.81, pub: 15.07.86

16. The Dynamic Compression Unit (DCU)
pri: 20.11.80, pub: 15.01.85

17. Self compressing plates with variable slope
pri: 16.03.81, pub: 30.04.85


Dissertations (Tutor)

–  M. Kowalski: “Die Knochenheilung nach Anwendung der Dynamischen Kompressionseinheit (DCU): Radiologisch-histologische Studien am Schaf”, Bern 1989

–  I. Fengels: “Knochenveränderungen nach Plattensosteosynthese im Langzeitversuch”, Basel 1995

–  K. Stoffel: “Die Belastung der Osteosynthesplatte im Verhältnis zum histologischen Bild”, Bern 1995