Diabetic foot care

Diabetes or more precisely: “diabetes mellitus” not only means that there is too much sugar in the blood.

This disease is also known to cause harm to arteries and nerves. The arteries and nerves are not affected constantly but must be assessed precisely. In the end, the diabetic person cannot feel his feet anymore “internally” and overloads his weight-bearing bone and joints.

The complex skeleton of the foot then often collapses and the resulting deformity causes local abnormal pressure of the plantar skin which fails too, thus creating a wound which will never close spontaneously.

Conventional, non-operative treatment may be long and demanding, including special shoe wear, constant podiatric controls. Limb-saving surgery include operative correction of the deformity.

In selected cases, such correction of the deformity includes joint fusions even in the presence of open wounds.

Piedi diabetici