Fractures of bones about the hip and pelvis

Fracture wich do not involve the hip joint

The pelvis is the biggest bone within the human body. In fact, it is formed from two symmetrical bones which are linked by a cartilage, the symphysis pubis. Each one of these “hemi-pelvises” is built up of three bones which consolidate at the age of 12 – 14 years: the ilium, the ischium and the pubis.

The pelvis is the mechanical link between the spinal column and the lower limbs. The articulation to the spine is called the sacro-iliac joint and the articulation to the thigh is called the hip joint.

Although fractures in this region are exceptional in children, they are common fractures in the elderly, mainly due to osteoporosis. The severity of these fractures goes together with displacement of the fragments which causes harm to the soft tissues, blood vessels, nerves etc.

Complex pelvic fractures are life-threatening conditions which need immediate surgical care.